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Silicone injection
Silicone injection

Product Introduction:

Baby pacifier injection glue, also known as pacifier glue, is a two-component plus molding high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Among them, component A contains platinum catalyst, component B contains additive molding curing agent, which can be cured into elastic material with a hardness of 60A° under a high temperature environment of 150 ° C, which is the raw material of baby pacifier

Product features:

1, not affected by the thickness of the product, can be deeply cured

2, because it is a platinum catalytic system, its product curing process does not release low molecules, solid product shrinkage is less than 0.1%

3, the product is resistant to high temperature, the temperature can reach 200-300℃

4, through the FDA food grade certification, safe and environmental protection, direct contact with human skin

Product transparency is good, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance

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