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Polymer moisture-proof sealant silicone
Polymer moisture-proof sealant silicone
Polymer moisture-proof sealant silicone

Product Introduction:

It is an environmentally friendly and non-corrosive grey sealing material with good fluidity and operability. It can be directly mixed and sealed without vacuum. It is specially used as a new environmental protection moisture-proof sealing agent for outdoor terminal box, mechanism operation box, electric knife gate box, high and low voltage switch cabinet, convergence unit cabinet, outdoor ring network cabinet, etc., which effectively prevents small animals from entering the closed cabinet from the underground. Thus reducing the security risks, can achieve the cabinet sealed moisture-proof, can prevent cable sandwich or channel moisture air infiltration into the cabinet.

Product features:

1, high safety: waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, prevent small animal invasion, fire retardant

2, easy to operate: simple construction, single operation, no auxiliary (electricity, fire and water, etc.)

3, good fluidity: before curing, the sealing surface is fully flowing and automatically leveling

4, withstand all kinds of harsh environment: corrosion resistance, can withstand all kinds of harsh environment

5, close bonding: closely combined with cable sheath and surrounding building structure, no corrosion reaction

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