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rtv-2 silicone rubber

Mold silica gel is A safe and environmentally friendly, two-component organic silica gel, divided into A and B two components, according to a certain proportion of mixed curing to form a flexible, high tear and tensile soft material

Silicone is commonly used to make food moulds -- chocolate, cake, candy. It can also be used to make human simulations. Its excellent performance is widely welcomed by the market

Low shrinkage rate, no low molecules are released during cross-linking, so the volume is unchanged, and the shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%

Not limited by the thickness of the product, can be deeply cured

High and low temperature resistance: -50 to 260℃

Food grade, non-toxic tasteless, through the FDA food grade certification

High tensile and tear resistance, high elongation

Good fluidity and easy perfusion

Medical Grade body Cure silicone
Basic introduction of silicone for human body mold:

Human silicone is a two-component heating vulcanized silicone rubber, colorless or skin color oily liquid, vulcanized to become a soft elastic material, such as the human body, insole, shoulder pad, patch, non-slip pad and other flexible silicone rubber products. It can also be used for human body mold silicone, mainly used for human face, imitation of human body limb modeling, no modification. The shape is changeable and the touch is soft.

Performance characteristics of silicone for human body mold:

1. The temperature range is -65℃-200℃, which can be used for a long time and maintain its soft and elastic performance

2. Environmental protection, through SGS environmental protection non-toxic certification, non-toxic tasteless

3. Excellent chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, climate aging resistance, no corrosion

4. Low line contraction rate, easy operation and other characteristics.

Pad printing silicone

Product Introduction:

This series of products are all made of high quality raw materials, processed by high temperature, all have the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good printing effect, good elasticity, strong flexibility, long service life, even for the irregular surface of the fine pattern, can ensure clear printing effect. Complete ink, easy to deink transfer, easy to remove residual ink. Complete specifications, easy to be customized according to user specific requirements.

Product use:

Mainly used for plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, irregular pattern printing. Pad printing rubber head is to make the pattern on the steel plate through the rubber head as a carrier, and then transfer the pattern on the steel plate to the toy products.

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